Patient Testimonials

I had a severe case of guttate psoriasis which transformed into plaque psoriasis. It had taken over my life preventing me from my normal activities. Fortunately the dermatologist gave me the perfect treatment plan and monitoring which has cleared my skin completely giving me a smoother texture than ever before – Thank you team!

N.M  Mayfair, London

After visiting London from the states, my eczema started to flare – I was excited to visit Harley Street’s London Dermatology Clinics following a close friend’s recommendation. I was pleasantly surprised as I was able to see the dermatologist on the day I called with a treatment plan starting on the same day!

M.G New York, USA

My GP was unable to help me with my outbreak of acne and I was told I’d have to wait six months to see a dermatologist on the NHS. I contacted Harley Street’s London Dermatology Clinics and was booked in to see the dermatologist with a special interest in acne, she started me on the correct medication – my acne is now clear thanks to Harley Street Healthcare. 

A.K Kensington, London

I visited Harley Street’s London Dermatology Clinics after my tough ordeal with hair loss. I was losing hair at a very rapid rate – Dr Darfour correctly diagnosed me with alopecia areata and then gave me the appropriate treatment plan which stopped the hair loss and allowed it to regrow back to its normal state. Thanks team!

M.A United Arab Emirates 

Being a model my skin is extremely important to me, after a sever case of acne I was concerned about what could happen to my career. The specialist dermatologist treated me with a systemic medication and kept me on a strict monitoring regime which has completely cleared my skin. I was very happy with the results based attitude at Harley Street’s London Dermatology Clinics.

G.L Clapham, London

My skin tags started to worry me when they appeared next to my face. Thef dermatologist at Harley Street’s London Dermatology Clinics removed my skin tags on the spot which gave me an immediate confidence boost after leaving the clinic.

G. S Brighton

I was skeptical about seeing a private dermatologist for my vulval rash due to its embarrassing nature. The Dr Marina was able to put me at ease and the nurse was very comforting. I was given a treatment plan which bought immediate relief and my rash had disappeared within days. Thank you team!

I.J Surrey


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