Lipoma Removal Cost UK

Lipoma Removal at our Harley Street Clinic – Same Day Treatment from £295

Lipomas are benign, non cancerous lumps which occur as a result of an accumulation of fat cells. Although not harmful to your health and in most cases not painful, many patients find Lipoma’s to be a source of embarrassment as they can often be quite unsightly particularly if they occur in areas like the face or arms. At Harley Street Healthcare, our dermatologists have removed thousands of lipomas successfully on the same day as the consultation.


Painful Lipoma Removed from Side of Forehead

I had a lipoma on my forehead which was really causing me a lot of bother. I was extremely concious of my lipoma particularly on long tube journeys to work. My dermatologists at Harley Street Healthcare was Dr Charakida, she really did an amazing job at removing my on the same day as my consultation. My aftercare was great and the team really did make me feel at complete ease during my time at the clinic.

Expert Lipoma Removal UK

Our dermatologists specialize in the removal of lipomas using the full elliptical excision method. The elliptical exision is the treatment of choice when removing your lipoma as the chances of recurrence are almost zero. Furthermore, our dermatologists are highly skilled and have had decades of experience to ensure the best cosmetic result leaving you scar free following your surgical lipoma removal.

Same Day Lipoma Removal Cost UK

Unlike many clinics who have a consultation followed by surgery on a different day, we at Harley Street Healthcare offer a same day service. Our prices are very competitive and if you decide to get your lipoma removed on the same day as your consultation we will waive the £169 consultation fee.

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