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A rash can occur at any time and on anyone. They often resolve on their own however if you’ve been afflicted with a rash and would like it cleared call our London Dermatology Clinics. All rash patients will be seen by our senior dermatologist who will be able to identify the cause of rash and treat it accordingly.


A rash can be characterized into the following:

Blistering –  Collection of fluid in round or oval shape underneath the outer layer of the skin.
Macular – They appear like flat spots.
Nodular – It looks like small and firm rounded mass.
Papular – Similar to nodular, it might appear little raised.
Pustular – It appears as a blister containing pus.

Causes of Rash:

Food Allergy – Sometimes people develop rashes following food consumption they are not used to. Sometimes a change in water could be a reason when a person migrates to foreign land. In this case, a person should start with little quantity and gradually increase if there are no signs of rashes.

Drug Reactions – Rashes may appear on the skin of the people who are taking a long or short course of medication

Contact with Irritant – When skin comes in contact with chemicals used in hair dye, paints, cosmetic creams, detergents, perfumes, etc. and metals like nickel and zinc, rashes tend to appear. The skin may not be suitable for such things and may develop rashes.

Skin Diseases – Patients with other skin diseases are often prone to getting a rash. Visit our dermatologists today to treat your skin disease and rash.

Heat Exposure – The skin may start to develop rashes when it is exposed to strong sun’s heat for a long time.
Friction between clothes and skin – Not everybody has the same skin type, hence the clothes they wear may produce irritation when it comes in contact with the body. Avoid wearing such fabrics as soon as you find irritation on the skin.

Rashes in Infants – Rashes are very common in infants. They are not usually serious and often go away on their own. Diaper rash can occur when the infant’s skin is in prolonged contact with the bacteria present in the waste product of the baby.

Harley Street Healthcare – London Dermatology Clinics Tip: For nappy rash clean the affected area with plain water and expose the infant’s skin to the air as much as possible. Use cloth diaper if possible. N.B.  A rash may appear on the infant’s face due to food and stomach issues.

Rash Treatment London

Treatment for rashes can include topical or oral preparations depending on its cause. Our dermatologists have seen plenty of rashes and will be able to diagnose your or your infants rash allowing them to formulate an effective treatment plan. Call us today to book in for an appointment.

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