Sebaceous Cyst Removal London

Sebaceous Cyst Removal at our Harley Street Clinic – Same Day Treatment from £295

Sebaceous Cysts are slow growing, benign bumps which grow under the skin and can occur almost anywhere on the body. Although not life threatening, cysts can often be a cause of discomfort or embarrassment for people with visible cysts. Our dermatologists and plastic surgeons have decades of experience having removed thousands of cysts, mainly on the same day.


Before                                                                                        Post Procedure


“I had a cyst removed from my arm. It was causing me a lot of bother and seemed to get caught on my clothes all the time and often bled. I received an excellent service from the get go, booked in extremely quickly and my cyst was removed on the same day. Props to the dermatologist for making it almost painless. I would certainly return for further cyst removals or any other surgery here if any more pop up (hopefully they wont!)”

Minimal Scarring

We often find that when cysts are removed by general practitioners or nurses the results can be substandard particularly when it comes to post procedure scarring. It is for this reason we advise anyone who has a sebaceous cyst to get it removed by a trained dermatologist or surgeon specializing in this field. Our highly trained dermatologists and surgeons adopt an extremely cosmetic minded approach to removing your cysts leaving you with minimal or no scarring.

Skin Cyst Removal Options

Our preferred method of cyst removal is the elliptical excision where we remove the complete cyst with the fluid in tact. By removing the cyst in this fashion the chances of it returning are almost zero.  We have found clinics offering methods such as squeezing, or burning the cyst. Although there is a time and place for such methods, the full elliptical excision has always been  the gold standard and is recommended by the British Association of Dermatologists. We offer an exceptional level of service which is unparalleled by other clinics.

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