Suffering from allergies? Not sure, about how to deal with it? Come to London Dermatology Clinic to get your skin allergy problem treated in the best way.
Allergies come in contact with your body by means of foreign substances such as pollen/bee venom/pet dander. Allergens are mostly found in drinks, environment or food. Different skin allergies are termed as dermatitis. The areas which are inflamed result in severe itchiness, causing sore feet and legs as these areas directly come in contact with allergens or irritants that cause dermatitis.

Signs and Symptoms of Allergies

When a person comes in contact with an allergen, then allergic reaction is not immediate. The immune system reacts to allergens and causes inflammation and irritation in skin. Symptoms and signs of allergies mainly depend on type of allergen. It may happen that allergic reactions occur in skin, gut, airways, sinuses, nasal passages and eyes.
The signs and symptoms of skin allergies may vary on individual basis for each patient. Allergies can develop at any age, but several individuals can also outgrow allergies over time. Environment plays a major role in development of allergies, but it involves a greater risk of developing different types of allergic conditions, if in case the patient has family history of allergies.

Allergies caused due to pollen/dust may usually have following symptoms:

  • Itchy eyes/nose
  • Watery/swollen eyes
  • Cough
  • Runny/Blocked nose

Risk Factors

Risk factor is something which raises the risk of developing a disease or condition. For instance, smoking is a real risk factor for a person suffering from lung disease. People are more likely to develop allergic rhinitis, if they have family history of allergies. People suffering from asthma/fever are at high risk of developing allergies of any type including dermatitis problem.

Below are some risk factors associated with allergies:

  • Having asthma
  • Family history of asthma
  • Family history of allergies
  • Not getting adequate exposure to sunlight
  • Chemicals used in water purification


The problem of allergies happens because of allergens/irritants. Certain substances such as soaps, solvents and detergents can strip off natural oils from the skin, leaving it undefended from harmful effects. Allergens are environmental substances to which a person’s immune system reacts to. Some types of allergens mainly include cosmetics, perfumes, lotions and rubber.


People suffering from allergies should take a trip to professional dermatologist to get treatment for their allergy problems. This will help them to find out the real cause of allergy or dermatitis. Patch and allergy testing is carried out in skin clinic to find out what the real cause of reaction is.

Allergy Treatment Facts

  1. Avoidance is the best way to prevent allergies
  2. There are different easy and effective cleaning methods/techniques that can significantly decrease allergy problems to a great extent.
  3. By maintaining air quality/climate of your home, you can remain healthy, whilst avoiding allergies.
  4. If have pet in your house, then it is advisable to take appropriate measures to keep the environment around your house neat and clean.

We treat every type of allergy problem at our clinic at rock bottom rates. Our professional doctors diagnose and accordingly give treatment to your allergy problem. Besides this, they will carry out various procedures to know the root cause of allergy and how it should be treated to give you complete relief from the problem. Thus, you can pin your trust on us to get complete relief from your allergy problems.

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