Skin Specialist London

At London Dermatology Clinics we see a wide variety of skin conditions. The most common conditions seen at our Harley Street clinic are acne, eczema (dermatitis), rosacea and psoriasis. Whether an adult, teenager or young child, London Dermatology Clinics have highly experienced dermatologists to meet your skins needs.

Almost ALL individuals experience a skin problem at some point in their life with at least 65% of those suffering a form of chronic skin disease. Skin disease can make many patients feel uneasy and it can often be a source of embarrassment to individuals particularly if the lesions are visible. At the London Dermatology Clinics we understand the stresses caused by skin problems and do what we can to provide a comforting experience for all patients.

Often, skin disease in patients can lead to other issues many of which are caused by the effect of the disease on a persons psychology. Conditions like acne, psoriasis and sever eczema have all been linked to heart disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity. Although there is no obvious direct link between skin disease and the illnesses mentioned, studies have shown that patients who are embarrassed about their skin often put less effort into preventative measures such as exercise and healthy eating.

Many patients suffer skin problems alone, a big reason for this is that there are very long waiting lists to see dermatologists on the NHS as well as inexperienced GPs who do not have the skills to treat problematic skin disorders. For this reason London Dermatology Clinics have made it easy for you to get treated by our experienced dermatologists in an efficient manner. Our dermatologists all have multiple accreditations and skills to formulate a results based treatment plan so you no longer have to suffer from your condition.

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