Lichen Planus

At London Dermatology Clinic, our primary focus is to offer you the safest and most effective treatments suitable to treat Lichen Planus problem.

What is Lichen Planus?

It is a condition which affects skin and causes an itchy rash. It can occur both in men/women and in certain types of cases can impact genitals/nails/mouth or other body parts. It is basically an infection and the rash caused by it can be passed on to others.

What causes Lichen Planus?

Lichen Planus is a type of inflammation that develops in the skin. It further leads to the development of non-infectious, yet itchy rash.

Who is at risk for Lichen Planus?

This type of infection can occur in any person of any age, but yes there are certain types of factors which make some people more likely to develop this type of condition. Also, people suffering from viral diseases like hepatitis C or being exposed to certain chemicals which may act as allergens are also at high risk of developing Lichen Planus.

Lichen Planus Facts

  • It is a chronic recurrent rash arising from unknown cause which has no established cure
  • It can be sometimes quite itchy or may spontaneously resolve
  • At some times, it can be managed with variety of oral medications and topical treatment
  • It mainly affects adults


Some common symptoms of this skin condition are as follows:

  • Lachen Planus may occur in forearm, ankles, genitals and inner wrists
  • Thin white lines over rash
  • Itching at the affected site of the rash
  • Lesions development in the mouth which can be painful or cause a burning sensation
  • Purple coloured bumps or lesions
  • Blisters which turn out to be scabby after they burst

How Lichen Planus is diagnosed?

It is diagnosed by professional dermatologist and diagnosis is carried out by looking at your mouth/nails and skin. To detect whether you have Lichen Planus or not, a professional dermatologist may remove a bit of skin. After this process, skin will be closely examined under a microscope which is often termed as biopsy. In some cases, blood tests may be required to rule out other diseases.

Treatment for Lichen Planus

In mild cases, Lichen Planus clears up in just few months/weeks, but it doesn’t require any special treatment. If in case symptoms of this treatment make you feel uncomfortable and severe, then your doctor may prescribe certain type of medications. There is no such exact cure available for such a type of condition, but medications that treat symptoms effectively prove to be very helpful and some may even be able to target possible underlying cause.

Other treatments which are recommended for Lichen Planus of the skin are outlined below:

  1. Light treatment – Usually, there are two types of light treatment: Psoralen Plus ultraviolet A (PUVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) mainly opted to treat Lichen Planus.
  1. Retinoids – This type of medication is used only when prescribed by specialist. It is very helpful in treating severe cases of this skin condition. This tablet has some side effects and at times may not mix well with other medicines.
  1. Corticosteroid – It helps in reducing inflammation caused by Lichen Planus rash and can be given either in the form of injection/topical cream or oral medicine.

Although Lichen Planus is not a severe skin condition, but it can make you feel uncomfortable. You can trust our team of professional doctors who will help you to get the best solution for this problem.

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