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Eye Lid Skin Tag Removal Near Eye– Same day treatment From £349

Eye Lid Skin tags are small growths of skin that hang from around the area close to the eyes.  At Harley street healthcare, our Oculoplastic surgeons will be able to diagnose and remove your skin tag from around the eye on the same day.

Although Eye skin tag removal are generally no different from a normal skin tag, here at Harley street healthcare – London Dermatology Clinics, we only use occuloplastic surgeons who specialise in the skin surrounding the eye to do such surgeries due to the complex anatomy surrounding the eye and eyelids.

Skin tags removed from around the Eye and Eyelids leaving clearing complexion

My eye skin tag was unable to be removed from the NHS so I looked online and found Harley Street Healthcare. I was able to book a same day appointment with their senior oculoplastic surgeon and get my eye skin tag removed on the same day by an almost painless procedure. I didn’t even have to wear an eye patch following the procedure and returned to work the same day.

A.W Dalton

Eye Skin Tag Removal


1-3 Skin Tags

from £349**

3 or More Skin Tags


**The skin around the eye is very complex in nature and the final price will depend on the level of complexity**

If you would like to book your same day appointment to remove your eye skin tag by one of our oculoplastic surgeons please call us on 02036161073.

Treatment of Eye Skin Tag Removal:

Eye Skin tags are removed the same way as normal skin tags for example by freezing (cryotherapy), burning, or cutting. The oculoplastic surgeon carrying out your procedure will decide which is the best method to remove your eye skin tag with minimal discomfort keeping in mind the best possible cosmetic results.

If you would like to remove your eye skin tags please call our friendly team today on 0203 616 1073.

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