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Acne can be an uncomfortable and stressful skin disease, that’s why we have specialist clinics dedicated purely for the treatment of acne. At Harley Street Healthcare, dermatologists at our London dermatology clinics have decades of experience in treating stubborn acne with many patients often very surprised at how clear their skin was prior to developing acne.

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Prior to visiting Harley Street Healthcare, I had tried many different ointments and creams prescribed to me by my GP. It was obvious that the team were extremely knowledgeable in treating acne with their results based approach. My skin is now clear after many years of suffering this disease. I wish I had come here earlier. Thank you team!

G. N Wandsworth

Acne is one of the most common skin problems faced by teenagers and young adults. Acne arises as sebaceous glands present in hair follicle start to secrete oil or grease which in turn produces sebum, a solid white substance. When skin cells in the follicle shed, they mix with the sebum and block the follicle. As more and more sebum gathers, it swells out on the skin and creates an ideal environment for the propionibacterium acnes (P acnes) bacteria.

The bacteria builds up along with other debris from the skin surface blocking the follicle causing inflammation giving rise to blackheads, whiteheads, cysts and pimples.

Acne appears on face, chest and back. Many acne patients suffer from low self-confidence, low self-esteem especially for those who have acne on their face. That’s why Harley Street Healthcare’s London dermatology clinics have specialist acne clinics tailored for acne patients many of whom have had little success elsewhere.

What Causes Acne?
Acne occurs in two structures.
1) The pore through which the hair comes out – here, the stickiness of dead skin cells partially blocks the pore.
2) The secretion of oil in sebaceous glands – the more oil produced, the oilier the skin gets. When pores are partially blocked, it limits the flow of the oil to the skin. The oil keeps gathering and starts to solidify giving rise to blackheads. The black colour of the blackhead is not because of the dirt, but it is because of a change in pigment in the blockage.

As the  oil collects around the hair and the hair root, it can get infected by the bacteria present in the skin – that’s why some dermatologists like prescribing antibiotics in conjunction with acne medication. The bacterium transforms the oil into inflammatory chemicals that causes redness, soreness and formation of pus, known as pimples. When this spot is squeezed, the pus can break deep into the skin instead of on the skin surface. This bursting of pus in the skin can result in cyst formation. If the cyst is ruptured, it causes acne scars.

Acne Treatment London
Dermatologists at our London Dermatology Clinics will treat your acne depending on its cause, severity and your gender. Our dermatologists are highly experienced in treating acne and will approach your treatment with a results based approach.


Treatment can involve a combination of topical ointments, oral antibiotics, contraceptive pills (for women) and retinoids. Other therapies like laser therapy and hyfrecation are also popular and effective to treat acne. Laser therapy works by pointing the laser light on the skin, which kills the bacteria causing acne and repairs the damages caused by the bacteria.Your treatment will depend on the severity of your condition – our experienced dermatologists treat acne on a daily basis and will be able to tailor you a personalised and effective treatment plan to clear your skin.

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