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Dealing with Annoying Skin Stuff: Skin Tags, Spots & Pimples

Let’s face it, nobody wants these uninvited guests on their face! This guide will help you understand what face skin tag removal, Face Spot Treatment, and Laser Treatment for Pimples are, and how to get rid of them safely.

  1. Skin Tag Removal: Those Little Fringy Things
  • What are they? Those little flaps of skin that pop up? Those are skin tags, and they’re harmless.
  • How to get rid of them: While tempting, don’t pick at them! See a dermatologist. They can safely freeze, snip, or zap them off.
  • What causes skin tags, exactly? They resemble warts in that they are stalk-like growths that emerge from the skin and have their blood supply but minimal innervation or nerve supply.

They can also be rather large and diverse in form. Beads, fingers, or even soft, bag-like fibromas are some of the morphologies. The sizes can range from one millimetre to five millimetres, with the longest known skin tag measuring 12.7 millimetres. Although there isn’t one clear reason why people get skin tags, there is some evidence that friction from things like tight clothes or skin-on-skin contact, heredity, and health issues can all play a role. For instance, skin tags are associated with hypertension, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, and high cholesterol.

  1. Face Spot Treatment: Those Pesky Patches
  • What are they? Those brown or dark patches? Those are spots, also known as Hyperpigmentation, and they can come from sun exposure, old pimples, or hormones.
  • How to fade them: There are creams you can try, but a dermatologist can offer stronger solutions like peels or lasers. Remember, sunscreen is key to prevent new Hyperpigmentation!
  • How to Know if a Spot Treatment Is Working? If the skin problem you’re treating improves after using your face spot treatment, then it’s working. A rash or other skin irritation should serve as a warning that your spot therapy is ineffective. Stop using it right once and see a dermatologist if this happens to you.
  1. Laser Treatment for Pimples: The Breakout Battle
  • What are they? Pimples (or acne) are those annoying bumps caused by clogged pores and oil.
  • Laser Power! For stubborn acne, laser treatment for pimples can target bacteria and reduce inflammation. A dermatologist can tell you if it’s right for you.
  • What causes a pimple to form? Pimples can form when skin becomes inflamed from contact with certain substances. The majority of people associate pimples with acne. Your body is covered in oil glands, also called sebaceous glands. Acne occurs when your sebaceous glands become clogged or inflamed. An increase in sebum production (the sebaceous gland’s oil) can lead to clogs and inflammation.
  • An imbalance in the production of keratin, a protein involved in the development of hair, nails, and skin.
  • You’re more likely to have the acne-causing germs on your skin.

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