Mole Clinic London: Can a Mole be Scratched off?

You may have perhaps noticed a mole developing in an area that is easily visible to others. It could be driving you nuts compelling you to look for ways and means to eliminate it. But first make sure to contact a good doctor to make sure it is not cancerous. A good number of moles can be verified merely by looking at its shape, color and size. But visiting a qualified dermatologist does make good sense.

Can it be Scratched off?

It is possible to remove mole by scratching them off. A good number of dermatologists tend to prescribe their patients with a specific cream. You can easily come across a few over-the-counter ones. They are to be applied on the mole area after scratching it using an emery file. But the cream that you plan to use should be effective enough to provide the desired results. Also, you should not be allergic to its ingredients.

How to Scratch off a Mole Safely?

Remember, the cream that you use should not harm you in any manner. Only then are you to scratch off the mole from the skin. But how to achieve it the correct and safe way! Most creams available in the market come with easy to use instructions. You need to adhere to such instructions and ensure not missing out on any step. This is vital for deriving better and safe results.

Easy Mole Removal Steps to Follow:

  • Take some antibacterial solution and put it on the to-be scratched surface. Then take normal water and a mild soap to wash the skin thoroughly.
  • To scratch mole, use an emery board or a clean toothpick. Scratch the whole mole surface, but not the surrounding skin. Scratch mole a bit hard. But avoid poking.
  • Doing the above step will allow the cream to penetrate within the mole surface. However, scratching should not be done very hard to cause skin bleeding. In case, there is bleeding then stop scratching. Allow blood to stop and then apply cream.
  • Use provided applicator to stir thoroughly the cream. Avoid using ordinary applicator as it could infect or contaminate the mole. If you feel things are not going right, then stop immediately the process and visit the reputed Mole Clinic London.
  • Once the mole area has been scratched, apply cream in small amount with the provided applicator. Cream in thin layer should cover the mole surface. Do not apply cream on any skin part surrounding mole region.
  • Allow cream to settle down for about 20 minutes and do its work properly. It is quite normal to experience strong stinging sensation for about 5-10 minutes that you are to bear. Mole’s colour is likely to turn darker while the surrounding skin starts to swell.
  • In case you do not feel any stinging sensation, scratch deeply the mole. Then reapply cream in small amounts allowing better surface penetration. This is essential for the cream to do its work.
  • Once twenty minutes is completed, wash away the cream from applied area. This is especially the area surrounding the mole. To wash skin, you should use cleansing solution or antibacterial soap.
  • The above step helps avoid infection as well as makes the scar to quickly disappear. Doing the safe way will be essential to ensure the affected area does not get contaminated or infected.
  • Moles in general are considered to be flat in shape. They require a single treatment to be eliminated. But raised moles could require procedures to be repeated. Otherwise, you may need to wait until scab falls off before procedure repetition.
  • Generally, scab appears within a day or two. Allow it to fall off on its own. Do not remove scab prematurely. To wash surface properly, use antibiotic cream or aloe-Vera cream. It is completely safe.
  • The scab is likely to fall off completely on its own within 7-10 days. After scab falls off, it is quite normal for the appearance of red or pink tissue. If you find mole still remaining, then repeat the procedure.

Eliminate Mole Safely

If you find the above procedure to be painful, then you can seek help from the experienced doctors. They will remove mole and wart painlessly and safely by using effective techniques. They will also educate you on the do’s and don’ts to ensure safe removal.

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