Psoriasis scars

Psoriasis scars

Although not generally a scaring condition – Psoriasis patients often suffer from scars which tend to stay for a long time. This article has been written to advise you on how to remove your psoriasis scars.

London Dermatology Clinics advise that all psoriasis patients get their condition under control before attempting to remove the scars caused by psoriasis. The simple reason for this is because psoriasis tends to occur in the same region as the scar it left behind. Not controlling your psoriasis will only lead to dissapointment if it ruins your efforts of removing the scar once your unstable condition re surfaces in the same place.

If your psoriasis is active and severe and you’ve not seen dermatologist yet regarding treatment options, we advise that you call us to get your treatment started. Today psoriasis treatments have advanced to such an extent that they are the best they’ve ever been. There is a wide variety of treatment options available and exciting medications which can give amazing results in even the most severe cases of psoriasis.

Skin discolouration caused by psoriasis will, fortunately, clear over time – these are not actual scars they are an example of post inflammatory change in skin tone. Although it does take many months even years for these discoloured lesions to clear our dermatologists advise using emollients to speed up the process. There are also some creams which can help to smooth and even out the skins texture helping to get your previous skin tone back with an even softer complexion.

If there is true scarring caused by psoriasis, usually well demarcated lesions which is not simply a blotch of post inflammatory discolouration, we advise you to seek the help of an experienced dermatologist who will make available to you various options. Such options include prescribed topical preparations, dermal micro abrasion and laser based treatments.

Please feel free to call our team to find out more information on how we can help your psoriasis.

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