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Same Day Wart Removal –  From £295

Warts are round, hard, rough growths which can appear any where in the body commonly on the fingers, toes and extremities and can grow up to 2 inches. They are often very unsightly and hence can be a source of embarrassment for many people. At Harley Street Healthcare we remove warts using the Cryotherapy method due to its high success rate with minimal discomfort.

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I was unable to get my hand warts removed on the NHS as they were deemed cosmetic so I visited Harley Street Healthcare and all of my warts were treated on the same day. My hands are now completely wart free!

A. Louseir, London

Wart Removal


1-3 Warts from £295
3 or More Warts from £499
Genital Warts from £10 Additional Charge

Cause of Warts?

Most warts come about due to the Human Papiloma Virus (HPV). The virus travels in the blood and can go to different parts of the body commonly popping up in the extremities including fingers and toes. Seborrhoeic keratosis is a type of wart which is not caused by HPV – this has a genetic component and is also caused by sun damage and is often seen in patients who spend a lot of time in the sun.

Treatment of Warts

Warts can be treated by cryotherapy (freezing), burning or surgical excision.  Advanced Cryotherapy is our preffered method of treating skin tags as it has a very high success rate and we have found it to be the most comfortable method of wart removal for our patients.

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